Lapa, a Rio Wonder

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Fancy a beer? A caipirinha, maybe? Perhaps you just want to have a good night out, chatting with friends, or dancing? No matter what you like to do or what kind of music you’re into, there’s one perfect neighborhood for the night owls: Lapa.

It’s so cramped with bars, pubs, nightclubs and everything in between, that it looks almost like a ghost town during the day, for almost everything is closed. It is actually common to hear a carioca saying that, if you want to walk in Lapa, you’d better wait for sunset!

Being the bohemian capital it is, it obviously has some great places to dance some samba, but not only that: reggae, hip-hop, electronic music and even jazz can be easily found in Lapa, on any day of the week.

The best way to know it is either with a good pub crawl, or just taking a bus to the famous Aqueduct and letting yourself be seduced by wherever suits your desires… Trust me, it’s impossible not to find your type of place in Lapa!!

It has only 13 streets, but it is big in history: even Carmem Miranda lived there!!

One important tip, though: it’s not that common to go to a specific place in Lapa. We usually just meet anywhere near the aqueducts and let the night take its course. Everyone seems to end up happier this way!!

Wanna know more about nightlife in Rio? Let us know!!! We can show you how to have the best time ever in here!

Pic by Fabiano Caruso (Flickr)

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