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Historical and Cultural, Sightseeing or Ecotourism? What is the difference between these types of tours and which offers what you are looking for?

Many times, before traveling, we are daydreaming about the things we are going to do, see, eat, etc. But the truth is that there are locations that offer so many different opportunities for experiences that a good option is to hire the services of a tour operator. But what kind of product offered is the best match for what you’ve been dreaming about for so long? Let’s find out!

Historical / Cultural

historical cultural tourism | Explore Rio YOUR Way: Private Tours with Local Experts

In this type of tour, the Tour Guide will take you to locations that were and are important in the construction of local society as well as its structuring until today. Examples are foundation sites, churches, government buildings, archeological sites, cultural centers, among others.

This type of tour is best suited for those who want to understand the place they visit and the people who live there, their anxieties, dreams, and conflicts. It is also suitable for those who enjoy historic architecture and discover the most hidden places in a region, such as a restaurant better known by the locals, a more traditional bar, etc. Many people also consume this type of product with academic intentions.


sightseeing | Explore Rio YOUR Way: Private Tours with Local Experts

Within the Tourism industry, we call Sightseeing the tour model where the most famous sights of a given place are visited. The content is presented in a lighter way and it is common in this type of tour to visit all the landmarks on the same day. Most group tours fall into this category but there are also private ones.


ecotourism | Explore Rio YOUR Way: Private Tours with Local Experts

If you like to be in contact with nature, find stunning views, and exercise, then Ecotourism is for you. Encompassing the most diverse activities, such as hiking, extreme sports, observation of fauna and flora, and mountaineering, Ecotourism has as its main characteristic the contact with local nature and the exploration of what the area has to offer in this regard.

This type of tourism must be done responsibly: make sure to buy Ecotourism products from people who have the proper credentials for that. This is important for your safety and the safety of the environment. No discount is worth your life or your well-being!

So, did you find what you were looking for? Do you already know how you will enjoy your next vacation? Prepare your luggage and if you decide to come to Rio de Janeiro, know that you can count on us!