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Rio is now the first World Capital of Architecture, title given by Unesco this week, in partnership with the International Union of Architects (UIA). Why’s that, do you ask? There’s plenty of reasons!!!

First, the city has so many architectural styles it ends up being a perfect blend. Colonial? We got it. Imperial? No problem! Art-déco, Modern, Contemporary? We have it all! Eclectic? Look at our Municipal Theatre!!!!

Being a city that has some parts of it planned (neighbourhoods like Urca and Grajaú, and Rio Branco Avenue) in between parts that grew organically, you can, on the same street see houses with different styles, from different decades of the 20th Century… Truly fantastic!

Apart from that, the city offers a challenge: its location, between mountain and seashore, makes it unique both in construction and mobility. After all, how to grow with mountains all over?

Rio’s solution was a great example on how cities can be mixed with nature: The largest urban forest in the world belongs here, and it’s not uncommon to, when in transit, be surrounded by a green scenario.

We do have a lot to overcome, too, of course. Favelas offer a huge challenge, and it mustn’t be overlooked. But the title comes with the commitment to find solutions, and make Rio an even greater city to live… and to look at.

If you’re like us, and love architecture, you should come to Rio. And, when you do, let us know! We’ll love to show you around!