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Posing as an imposing figure since its inauguration in 1906, the building that is located on Rua Primeiro de Março 66 today houses the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center. Since its conception, the building was linked to several businesses in the economic area, being acquired to serve as the headquarters of Banco do Brasil in 1920 until 1960, when the building was assigned to operate a branch of the bank itself. In 1989 the place became a cultural center and became the largest and most important of its kind in Latin America.

Over the years, the CCBB has attracted millions of people to its short and long-term exhibitions, bringing artists and collections of national and international reputation to Rio de Janeiro, all with free access. The Center also has a video library with more than two thousand video titles, including a children’s session, as well as a theater and a cinema room, where festivals are held annually; all this at popular prices.

Closed for a time due to the coronavirus epidemic, the center reopened on September 16 and is working on a special online booking scheme, with a maximum number of people per hour and limited spaces. More information can be found at the link:

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Photo by Vitor Machado on Unsplash