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Chinese View Belvedere in the Rio de Janeiro's Rainforest
Sugar Loaf Mountain
Imperial Museum in Petropolis

Explore Rio de Janeiro in a way that only a private tour can offer

We are Be Free Tours, a private tour operator in Rio de Janeiro. But, above all, we are cariocas, in love with our city and its wonders. Since 2013 we have been offering personalized private tours so you can have the best experiences with comfort, safety, the convenience of flexible itineraries, with a private car with a driver and a certified tour guide at your disposal. Learn more about us here.

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featured tours

All the itineraries are suggestions flexible for changes

Questions? Check our FAQ and email or whatsapp us

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Rio City Essentials

Our best-selling tour! The best way to visit all the must-sees in the city.

Hotel Casino Quitandinha in Petropolis

Petropolis – The Imperial City

Join us in this time-travel tour to the lovely Petropolis, 1 hour away from Rio downtown, the place chosen by the Brazilian Royal Family to build their summerhouse in the 1800s.

Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo with Boat Tour

Visit the “Brazilian Caribbean” and explore its wonders in a 3-hour boat tour.

why choose us

Freedom and Flexibility. In conventional tours and travels, you are stuck with fixed itineraries, times, and length of stay imposed by agencies. With our more customizable program, you create your own itinerary, choosing what to visit, what to see and experience, how long to stay, and are free to make last-minute changes. Want to visit the most commonly visited destinations? Let’s go! Want to carve your own path and visit different places? We’re all in! Of course, we can give you suggestions, but in the end, the decision is always yours.

Professional, passionate and friendly Tour Guides and Drivers

It is you and your group only: exclusive attention, more comfort, and privacy. Your time, your pace

'On the fly' adaptations: change the itineraries during the tours

A more complete experience

Private tours are the the best way to visit Rio
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frequently asked questions

What are the preventive measures against covid-19 adopted on the tours? If I'm already vaccinated, do I need to follow them?

The measures are those recommended by WHO and OMT, which guarantee us the ‘Safe Travels’ and ‘Responsible Tourism’ stamps: mandatory use of masks during the tour (including inside vehicles), hygiene of hands and surfaces, social distance whenever possible. People who have already been vaccinated must comply with the measures in the same way as those who have not yet been vaccinated. These are measures aimed at protecting the team and customers. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension of the tour without the right to reimbursement.

I don't know if I want to visit the places listed on the tours. Can I change itineraries?

Definitely yes! This is perhaps the main advantage of private tours, especially ours: flexibility. And these changes can be made even during the tour!

Can you explain the 'per private group of up to 4 people' prices?

This is how it works: the prices listed entitle up to 4 people, for your group only, to participate in the tours. Those are final prices, not ‘per person’ prices.

My group has more than 4 people. How can I book?

You can either book 2 (or more, according to your group size) tours for the same date or contact us for a special quote.

Are the tours canceled in case of bad weather? If so, am I entitled to a refund?

Usually, we do not cancel tours due to bad weather, unless under extreme conditions. What we do is change the itinerary or even, if possible, the date. An exception is the trip to Arraial do Cabo because depending on weather conditions, the Navy does not authorize boats to sail. In this specific case (Arraial) we will fully refund you.

I am not sure if I feel safe booking on your website. How can I be sure that it's not a fraud?

We have a TripAdvisor profile and we are registered in the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism. But we understand your concern. There is a lot of scams on the Internet so if you don’t feel safe and/or comfortable booking directly on our website, we strongly recommend that you do on TripAdvisor. You can follow this link or search for ‘be free rio’ on their website. No matter the source of your booking we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience!

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